Here’s How To Finally Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat and Feel Absolutely At Home In Your Body…

On the previous page you learned about my struggle with stubborn fat. Particularly the fat on my belly and on my hips.

You also learned how I discovered that the problem was my out-of-balance hormones, and in order to get rid of my stubborn belly fat I had to rewind the age of my hormones…

And at the time, I was left with the question – How do I do that?

This was such a new concept that there really wasn’t anyone who could help me.

My doctor couldn’t even tell me what I already knew.

I knew about the problem, I knew about why it happens, but neither of us knew how to solve it.

So, it was becoming very apparent that I could wait for a solution, which may never exist, or I can try and find the solution myself.

And that’s what I decided…

I Was Going to Find the Solution Myself

And so I set out on a research marathon.

Looking for whatever studies and research I could find regarding fat loss, hormones, etc.

After 6 months of looking I couldn’t find anything.

I was determined, but at this point I was starting to lose hope.

So I took a month off, because my brain was exhausted.

Looking at scientific research and studies almost everyday for 6 weeks is mentally draining!

After that month off I started going through the motions again. Study, after study, paper, after paper.

As I was finishing reading a study posted in one of the scientific journals (I can’t remember what it was called) I saw a reference in the footnotes that mentioned

A Hormonal Master Switch

It sounded interesting so I clicked on the study, and what I found next was the answer I had been looking for all along.

The paper went on to describe an all-natural tiny little molecule found in many foods, like fruits, beans, grains, and nuts.

This molecule acts like a hormone master switch that helps regulate the key hormones responsible for your stubborn belly fat.

It can do some pretty great things.

It can repair your metabolism

Keep your blood sugar levels healthy

Support the breakdown of fat

And can even improve your mood and energy levels.

I Was Stunned

This was exactly what I needed! Literally the exact answer I was looking for.

However, you can’t get an effective dose of this ingredient from just eating these foods.

You’d have to eat an incredibly large, unhealthy amount of these foods just to get the benefits.

And eating that much food would mean you’d be eating thousands and thousands of calories which would defeat the purpose because you would gain fat from eating that much food alone.

This Master Switch Molecule Is Called Inositol

As I kept doing research I found something very, very interesting.

Through numerous tests, and trials Inositol showed that its effects on hormones were powerful, but each person’s body would use it differently.

The human body only uses it for the hormones it wants to use it for, and may not address all of the hormones that are out of balance and that cause your stubborn fat issue.

So after more research I came up with an exact formulation that includes Inositol in precise doses while also including scientifically proven ingredients that support each hormone.

My only problem now was…

How do I make it?

Luckily making supplement formulations is a booming business and I found a company that would help me out.

After hundreds and hundreds of hours of pouring over different research and studies that had brought me to this pount, I had a formulation I came up with based specifically on what I had found on my research.

The manufacturing laboratory scientists went over the formulation and confirmed that the formulation was 100% safe. 

No side effects, and the ingredients were in the proper doses. 

They would make a prototype, and I would use myself to test it.

So after about 3 weeks I finally received my 3 bottles in the mail.

I Was Super Excited

After all this time of trying diets, workouts, supplements, everything I could that just didn’t work…

I was finally at the defining moment.

It was like at this moment all of those negative feelings I had been feeling because of my stupid stubborn fat were finally going to be over.

I was excited. You can’t blame me for that.

And as soon as I got the bottles I opened the first one and immediately took my first dose.

I was so impatient I was standing there waiting to feel something, and after 5 minutes I had to tell myself to calm down.

Changes weren’t going to happen overnight, I mean my hormones didn’t age and become unbalanced overnight and the belly fat I gained from that didn’t happen overnight either.

So I had to be reasonable.

About 2 Weeks Later, I Started Noticing Some Things

When I woke up, I wasn’t tired anymore. Like, I’d wake up rested and ready to start my day.

My skin looked different. It looked clearer, and it didn’t look as dry.

And when I would get out of the shower, I wasn’t losing nearly as much hair down the drain.

Something was different.

I think I was starting to see my creation working.

2 weeks later…

I Could’ve Died

I Couldn’t Believe It

My stubborn belly fat, and the fat on my hips, was starting to go away.

I couldn’t believe it, it was actually working.

As I kept taking the prototype the results just kept on coming.

More fat was disappearing

I was getting more energy

My mood was greatly improving

And as crazy as it sounds…

I swear I looked younger.

The day came when I got to the last dose of the last bottle.

Over the course of 90 days I had absolutely changed in the way I look, and the way I felt.

And as a test, I wouldn’t let myself try on my old clothes until I was done with all the bottles.

And here I was on the last dose of the final bottle.

It was a big day.

I still remember it like It was yesterday.

After I took the final dose, I went upstairs into my bedroom.

I opened my closet and reached for my most favorite pair of jeans.

They were a light wash, and before I struggled with my belly fat these jeans fit me so well. 

They were so comfortable, and I absolutely loved the way I looked in them.

It had been so long since I wore them, I was actually nervous to try them on.

I took them out, got ready and then…

One leg at a time I put them on.

I pulled them up effortlessly.

Buttoned the button.

And I burst into tears.

I was so happy.

My jeans fit.

They were actually loose on me.

I didn’t have bulges of fat popping out from the top.

I had worked so hard to get to this point.

And I did it.

I was finally able to rid myself of that stupid, stubborn fat that tormented my life.

And with that I dug everything out of my closet.

Jeans, shirts, dresses, you name it, it fit.

It fit better than it did before.

I was in a pure state of bliss.

As the days and weeks went by I was finally my old self.

My true self.

The normal, fun, Jessica that everybody knew.

Nobody could believe it. My friends told me my personality had done a complete 180.

I was happier, I was more fun to be around, and they said I looked incredible. They wanted to know my secret.

Some of my friends wanted to know what I did, because secretly they were going through the exact same thing that I had.

They had stubborn fat that just wouldn’t go away.

And I had no idea.

They Were Suffering In Silence

Just like I was.

Not because we didn’t trust each other or care about each other, or anything like that, it was because we were so self conscious of it. We didn’t want to talk about it.

Now knowing this, I figured if it could work for me, maybe it could work for them.

So I ordered more prototypes from the lab and gave them all 3 bottles each.

As time went on, as they were taking each dose, they reported back to me stories and results that were very similar to mine.

And once they finished all 3 bottles.

They were just as ecstatic as I was.

Their stubborn belly fat was gone.

They felt better.

They looked better.

And it was clear to me that this actually works.

And If It Worked For Us It Could Work For Other Women Too

I mean, when you look down and you see your pooch, or your muffin top, or whatever stubborn fat you’re dealing with, and you see it finally disappear.

That feeling that comes over your body is incredible.

The feeling you get when you don’t have to hide behind baggy clothes anymore.

When you can’t help but smile because you love the way you look.

That feeling of looking in the mirror and absolutely falling in love with what you see.

That’s priceless.

And in just a few more moments you’re going to find out exactly what I have created, how it’s already helped hundreds of women across the country, and how you can get your portion of this incredible solution for stubborn belly fat.

So if you’re ready to finally say goodbye to the fat that’s been tormenting you.

And if you’re ready to feel and look amazing in the clothes you’re too afraid to put on.

And if you’re ready to finally fall in love with the woman you see in the mirror.

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